"Our UBA colleagues have been great to work with. They’re really invested in the libraries. They’re flexible, cooperative, well-informed and well-trained. We get good support from them and from the UBA management.”


Julia Zimmerman
University Libraries

Julia Zimmerman


 “The UBA Program continues to be a valuable asset to our overall operation and mission. The expectation for excellence from the UBA leadership permeates throughout the staff assigned across the University campus. It’s a relief to know when accurate and timely information is needed the UBA staff are willing and capable to deliver.”


David L. Perry
Assistant Vice President, Public Safety
Chief, Florida State University Police

Chief David Perry


 “I know it sounds corny, but the UBA Program provides me with peace of mind. Since teaming with the UBA Program, I have not had to worry about budget and human resource issues. Our UBA staff is well trained and knowledgeable. They work hard and keep me well informed. I consider my investment in the UBA program to be one of the best management decisions that I have ever made.” 


John Barnhill
Assistant Vice President
Enrollment Management
Executive Sponsor & Steering Committee Chair



"The UBA has been an exceptionally valuable resource for our department. They have provided continuity of service when we have been short-staffed and enabled us to focus on our primary mission during these periods. The UBA has trained our new financial personnel each time one has been hired and taken care to support them while they learn new skills as well as oversee their work to insure that errors are caught and corrected almost as soon as they might be made as staff becomes more comfortable in their jobs. When we have questions they either have the answers or work hard to get them. We have been very pleased with the relationship.”


Kathleen Harper    
Laboratory Animal Resources