In 1984, the Division of Finance and Administration created the Academic Business Administrations (ABA) to assist academic branches at Florida State University.

Over the years, the ABA program expanded to include non-academic areas and was rebranded as the University Business Administrators Program (UBA).

Today, the UBA offers financial services, human resources, training, and administrative functions to both academic and administrative units at Florida State University.


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  • The University Business Administrators offers financial, human resources and administrative functions to both academic and administrative units.
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  • ABA was renamed the University Business Administrators to reflect the acceptance of all University units.
  • Expanded into human resources and related administrative functions.


  • The ABA accepted its first administrative units, centers and institutes.


  • The ABA expanded to include 17 participating units.


  • John R. Carnaghi, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, challenged the ABA to expand their service offerings around campus.


  • The Academic Business Administrators (ABA) was established by the Division of Finance and Administration.
  • ABA offered financial assistance to four campus academic units.