Program Services

Benefits of Partnership

We strive to exceed client's expectations through strong relationships with University units. Join our network of business administration professionals to engage in information sharing and problem solving, and benefit from the following:


  • A UBA Central office staff member and a representative from each partner organization are assigned as liaisons to attend meetings and/or to meet with designated staff.
  • This establishes a close working relationship with colleagues in these offices and facilitates communication and problem resolution.


  • We provide client support for administrative, financial, and human resources responsibilities.


  • The Dean/Director at the client site defines the highly trained UBA professional's role
  • UBA professional's vast experience, supported by the Division of Finance & Administration, will quickly become a valued member of the client site, surpassing core business and administrative functions

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • On-site resolution with Deans, Directors and Department Chairs regarding budgetary and financial transactions
  • Standardized and customized budget reporting to Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs

Administrative Services

  • Continuous staff development and training opportunities
  • Additional support on departmental human resources-related duties during peak workload periods, and UBA position vacancies/absences


  • We provide new employee training and mentoring in addition to continuous staff development and training opportunities.
  • We host workshops and training sessions for partners, allowing those faculty and staff members who work directly with the UBA employees to benefit from our specialized training.
  • UBA staff and partners participate in beta-testing of software changes and updates, which enables input and advanced training.
  • The University Business Administrators provide a wide range of services to participating client sites


Picture of Pen and Paper

Departmental Financial Services:

  • Budgetary purchasing control
  • Property and inventory oversight
  • Review of fiscal procedures and internal controls
  • Standardized reporting for budget reconciliation and management

Human Resources Services

​Departmental Human Resource/Administrative Services:

  • Coordination of recruiting
  • Management of personnel papers
  • Review of payroll certification reports
  • Oversight of time and leave entry
  • Review of position descriptions
  • Serve in an ombudsman role on the departmental level

Training Services

Training Services:

  • One-on-one assistance to staff at their work location
  • Workshops and training sessions for participating units
  • A wide variety of topics to ensure consistent operational services

Central Office Support

Central office support:

  • Provides additional support for financial and/or human resources related duties
    • During peak workload periods
    • During UBA position vacancies and absences