Partner With Us

Partnership Process

The University Business Administrators (UBA) accepts new partners on an on-going basis. Joining our program is voluntary and based upon a mutual agreement between the UBA Director and the unit. The normal sequence of events is as follows:

Introduction Phase

  1. Prospective partner contacts the UBA Director and requests an introductory meeting.
  2. A meeting is established to present the UBA organizational mission overview and presentation of services.
    • The presentation is given by the UBA New Site Development Team which consists of the UBA Director and/or Associate Director and 1-2 UBA Assistant Directors.
  3. If requested, we will continue with the assessment phase.
  4. The partner grants us access to review their operations, interview the staff (if appropriate) and have access to related historical materials or documents that would be helpful during the next phase.
Prospective Client contacts UBA Director flow chart arrow Meeting to review UBA  program and services flow chart arrow    

Historical documents  and materials  made available to  Assessment Team

Assessment Phase

  1. Review of business and human resources processes and policies
  2. Review of staffing levels and positions to be included in the program
  3. Review of our services
Review of  business processes flow chart arrow Review staffing levels and positions to be included in  the program flow chart arrow Complete  Workload and  Needs Assessment

Proposal Phase

  1. Presentation of needs assessment summary and analysis
  2. Recommendations presented to the prospective partner's administrators
  3. Discussion and negotiations of terms
Presentation of the Workload and Needs Assessment flow chart arrow Recommendations presented to prospective partner's administrators flow chart arrow Discussion and negotiations of terms

Agreement Phase

  1. A Letter of Agreement is provided to the prospective partner which outlines the services and personnel that will be associated with the UBA program
  2. A transition timeline is provided for the first 6 months
  3. The Letter of Agreement is finalized and signed by both parties
  4. Assignment of the new partner site within our organizational structure
Draft Letter of Agreement provided to the Client flow chart arrow 6 Month Transition Timeline provided flow chart arrow Letter of Agreement finalized and signed

Transition Phase

Based upon the agreed services our New Site Development Team will immediately begin to incorporate and transition the new client site into our program

  • Generally a meeting is held by the partner to introduce the UBA team to their unit
  • Individualized meetings are set with each employee whose position is to be transferred into the UBA Program

We will become involved as necessary or as requested by the site, typically:

  1. During the first few weeks our New Site Development Team is usually present on a daily basis to ensure a smooth transition
  2. After that point, the assigned UBA Assistant Director will make minimum weekly visits to the site to work with staff, meet with the client site representatives and give general assistance as necessary
  3. The UBA Associate Director and/or Director will visit the client site representatives approximately every 2 months

The goal of frequent interaction is to ensure that services are being provided at the optimum level and that clear and frequent communication maintained

Should there be significant changes or requests by the client site, an amendment to the original Letter of Agreement will be initiated by the UBA Director.

Meetings scheduled with staff transitioning into UBA flow chart arrow UBA New Site Development Team remains on site for the first few weeks flow chart arrow On-Going Site Contact by Management Team flow chart arrow Revisions to the Letter of Agreement made as necessary

Benefits of Partnership

We strive to exceed client's expectations through strong relationships with University units. Join our network of university professionals to engage in information sharing and problem solving, and benefit from the following:


A UBA Central office staff member and a representative from each partner organization are assigned as liaisons to attend meetings and/or to meet with designated staff.

This establishes a close working relationship with colleagues in these offices and facilitates communication and problem resolution.


We provide client support for administrative, financial, and human resources responsibilities:


  • The Dean/Director at the client site defines the highly trained UBA professional's role
  • UBA professional's vast experience, supported by the Division of Finance & Administration, will quickly become a valued member of the client site, surpassing core business and administrative functions
  • On-site accounts payable and travel reimbursement (optional)

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • On-site resolution with Deans, Directors and Department Chairs regarding budgetary and financial transactions
  • Standardized and customized budget reporting to Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs

Human Resources

  • New employee training and mentoring
  • Continuous staff development and training opportunities
  • Additional support on financial or human resources-related duties during peak workload periods, and UBA position vacancies/absences


We provide new employee training and mentoring in addition to continuous staff development and training opportunities.

We host workshops and training sessions for partners, allowing those faculty and staff members who work directly with the UBA employees to benefit from our specialized training.

UBA staff and partners participate in beta-testing of software changes and updates, which enables input and advanced training.